WordPress ToolBar Customization

Project: WordPress Admin Bar Custom Menu Items

The project poster (cstoudt) wanted to add custom menu to their WordPress Admin Bar.

Note: The correct term is ToolBar (not Admin Bar). The Toolbar was added in Version 3.1 as Admin Bar and in Version 3.3 it was replaced by the Toolbar.

The following is an screenshot of the project description posted on freelancer.com.

I decided to implement administration functions of the menu with WordPress native menu editor. E.g. One can add/edit menu items as though it is an ordinary WordPress menu. But this menu will be displayed on WordPress Toolbar.

The challenge was hidden in this project. Menu items were dependent of the membership level being visited. i.e. different menu for different membership levels. Membership management was done by another plugin. I was able to successfully satisfy this requirement too.

I was able to hook into the proper point of WordPress execution and inject the new menu to WordPress Toolbar. I was able to complete the project successfully.

The following is the review by cstoudt for the correct interpretation and implementation of his needs for this project.

Joomla to WordPress

Project Name: Recreate Joomla Website in WordPress

The project was about designing and coding a WordPress theme for an existing Joomla website. Most of the features in an existing Joomla site had to be incorporated into a WordPress theme. This project was from mrbrant. I have done a number of projects for him in the past too.

My bid for this project was $50USD. I was awarded the project. I made a WordPress Theme out of the Joomla template. The following is a screenshot of the project posting.

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This project resulted in another thing that is worth mentioning. After completing the project, I was assigned a series of small assignments (not sufficiently related to the Jo2Wo conversion). This resulted in creating a milestone and releasing it per assignement. To date, the project milestone pane can't list the miletones for this project in a page, not even in two pages. Milestone history goes up to four pages which lists approximately 20 milestones.

One more recent achievement of mine that I would like to share with you at the end of this post is, I was awarded 'Spartan' badge for 'Bidding on 300 projects' at freelancer.com. Among them, I was awarded 21 projects which results in a rate of (21/300) project awards per bid.

How likely would I be awarded a project (awards/bid) = 21 awards/ 300 bids = 0.07 awards/bid (7%)
Subjective(relative to upekshawisidaga) rate of awarding a project = 0.07 awards/bid = 0.07 FSPs.
*FSP : Freelancer Success Points


A citizen of Sparta. Of or relating to Sparta in ancient Greece.
a person of great courage and self-discipline. Rigorously self-disciplined or self-restrained.

Language Parlor Project

Language Parlor website allows you to learn new languages. It is designed to offer many language courses in many levels. This project is from nit3hawks.

Paid subscribers are allowed to watch premium learning videos. Multiple logins using the same password was prevented. This website was based on a premium theme called 'clarity'.

This website connects to PayPal to process the subscription. I used 'PayPal Framework' plugin for this project. After successful completion I earned $330USD(including $30USD bonus).

Software: GNU Image Manipulation Program - GIMP.