Membership Plugin Integration for Project Theme

WordPress Membership Plugin needs to be modified in order to charge recurrent fees for project bidders on a Project Bidding site. Project bidding site was built using a ProjectTheme child theme.

WordPress Membership Plugin Modification

This project was the third project for 'shabazzi'. He needed to charge members to bid on project based on a 3 month, 6 month or 1 year membership. He wanted a WordPress membership plugin called 'Paid Membership Pro' modified to achieve this functionality.

WordPress Membership Plugin Modification

WordPress Paid Membership Pro.

This plugin is from 'Stranger Studios'. According to the plugin description, "Paid Memberships Pro is a WordPress Plugin and support community for membership site curators. PMPro's rich feature set allows you to add a new revenue source to your new or current blog or website and is flexible enough to fit the needs of almost all online and offline businesses" (

Paid Membership Pro Plugin Customization

WordPress Project Theme child theme modification for membership.

The client had a website that used a child theme for ProjectTheme. The required outcome was to allow anyone (should have at least free membership) to post a project (with required charges for featuring, sealing, etc. project - Note: These fees are independant of membership chargets and charged at the end of project posting process to complete the new project publication). In other words even free members can post a project.

But in order to bid on a project, a member should have at least silver membership, which is a paid membership. If a non-paid/free member tried to bid on a project, then he will be prompted to upgrade his membership package.

Admins were allowed to create/alter the membership packages the same way the original plugin allows them. None of these options were changed during this particular development. This is same for the Project Theme too. Options pages in the WordPress admin were not altered in any way.

All the development took place inside the child theme functions.php. But for one function, it was needed to paste some code on ProjectTheme php file due to the lack of an action to be hooked.

Successful completion of the WordPress update project.

The project was marked as a successful completed project. I received a 5 star rating for this project.

Upeksha Wisidagama Project Review

I was awarded the 'Smooth Operator' badge for completing 10 projects on time. The Perfectionist badge was too awarded for receiving 5-star ratings in 90% of my completed projects (minimum 10 projects).

new badges were awarded to upeksha wisidagama

I received a tip from 'shabazzi' for the successful project completion.

Custom Post Lists for Akita Child Theme using Shortcodes

Akita theme is a responsive theme by Jason Bobich. MoccMD site, the site related to this project, had been built using a child theme for Akita theme. Akita theme comes with a good options panel in the admin-end. It allows you to create custom templates in the WordPress admin back-end and assign them as page templates.

Akita Theme Component Needed

The employer, mrbrant, needed to develop a component which will allow the theme to include a list of titles of custom posts for a given letter in the alphabet. Symptoms were the custom posts and an alphabetical list of symptoms were needed to be listed on a particular page. This functionality was implemented using WordPress short-codes API.

Akita Theme Component Development

The required amount of custom functions were added to the functions.php file of the child theme. A new short-code was introduced and using the new short-code the theme is capable of inserting alphabetical lists of custom posts. This project was completed successfully.

Shortcode Components for Akita Theme

Responsive Classipress Child Theme Development

A Classipress child theme was needed to be updated in order be compatible with latest Classipress update. Classipress framework has introduced a major change in their template system, so each and every child theme designed and developed for Classipress will need to be updated. This project was from 'shabazzi'. This is the second project for him.
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Classipress Template Update

Classipress has introduced a new templae file called 'wrapper.php', which automatically wraps every other template. With the wrapper, the other template files need not to include header and footer templates using template tags. If the child theme uses those tags, then they need to be removed. The update task can be summarized into copying 'wrapper.php' into the child theme and removing the header and footer inclusion from all templates.

upeksha wisidagama projects

Responsive Classipress Child Theme

Updated child theme needed to be responsive to various device widths too. This was a challenging task to achieve. Especially the client needed the site to be compatible with his iPhone. I was able to make the site responsive using CSS3 media queries.

Successful completion of responsive Classipress child theme

I was able to successfully complete the child theme update project. I was able to earn the 'Feedback Guru' badge upon completion. I received a 5 star rating too.

classipress chile theme review