Joomla to WordPress

Project Name: Recreate Joomla Website in WordPress

The project was about designing and coding a WordPress theme for an existing Joomla website. Most of the features in an existing Joomla site had to be incorporated into a WordPress theme. This project was from mrbrant. I have done a number of projects for him in the past too.

My bid for this project was $50USD. I was awarded the project. I made a WordPress Theme out of the Joomla template. The following is a screenshot of the project posting.

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This project resulted in another thing that is worth mentioning. After completing the project, I was assigned a series of small assignments (not sufficiently related to the Jo2Wo conversion). This resulted in creating a milestone and releasing it per assignement. To date, the project milestone pane can't list the miletones for this project in a page, not even in two pages. Milestone history goes up to four pages which lists approximately 20 milestones.

One more recent achievement of mine that I would like to share with you at the end of this post is, I was awarded 'Spartan' badge for 'Bidding on 300 projects' at Among them, I was awarded 21 projects which results in a rate of (21/300) project awards per bid.

How likely would I be awarded a project (awards/bid) = 21 awards/ 300 bids = 0.07 awards/bid (7%)
Subjective(relative to upekshawisidaga) rate of awarding a project = 0.07 awards/bid = 0.07 FSPs.
*FSP : Freelancer Success Points


A citizen of Sparta. Of or relating to Sparta in ancient Greece.
a person of great courage and self-discipline. Rigorously self-disciplined or self-restrained.