Custom Post Lists for Akita Child Theme using Shortcodes

Akita theme is a responsive theme by Jason Bobich. MoccMD site, the site related to this project, had been built using a child theme for Akita theme. Akita theme comes with a good options panel in the admin-end. It allows you to create custom templates in the WordPress admin back-end and assign them as page templates.

Akita Theme Component Needed

The employer, mrbrant, needed to develop a component which will allow the theme to include a list of titles of custom posts for a given letter in the alphabet. Symptoms were the custom posts and an alphabetical list of symptoms were needed to be listed on a particular page. This functionality was implemented using WordPress short-codes API.

Akita Theme Component Development

The required amount of custom functions were added to the functions.php file of the child theme. A new short-code was introduced and using the new short-code the theme is capable of inserting alphabetical lists of custom posts. This project was completed successfully.

Shortcode Components for Akita Theme

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