Responsive Classipress Child Theme Development

A Classipress child theme was needed to be updated in order be compatible with latest Classipress update. Classipress framework has introduced a major change in their template system, so each and every child theme designed and developed for Classipress will need to be updated. This project was from 'shabazzi'. This is the second project for him.
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Classipress Template Update

Classipress has introduced a new templae file called 'wrapper.php', which automatically wraps every other template. With the wrapper, the other template files need not to include header and footer templates using template tags. If the child theme uses those tags, then they need to be removed. The update task can be summarized into copying 'wrapper.php' into the child theme and removing the header and footer inclusion from all templates.

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Responsive Classipress Child Theme

Updated child theme needed to be responsive to various device widths too. This was a challenging task to achieve. Especially the client needed the site to be compatible with his iPhone. I was able to make the site responsive using CSS3 media queries.

Successful completion of responsive Classipress child theme

I was able to successfully complete the child theme update project. I was able to earn the 'Feedback Guru' badge upon completion. I received a 5 star rating too.

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