Security Site

This website was created as a demo before awarding a project. Unfortunately I was not chosen for the project. However I completely built a website according to their description. The following was the project description.

According to the project description this employer was cheated by a freelancer in previous project on The following is the project poster of this site project.

Then I decided to make him a live demo of the website before awarding me the project.

I asked the employer to wait until I create a website to fulfil his requirements. The following is a portion of the message I sent to the employer.

Unfortunately I received no reply from him. I kept improving the project for some time and finally developed an advanced WordPress site with significant features. The theme was based on Cyberchimps Business Pro theme.

The following is the home page. It has a slider for featured content. The images for the sliders can be changed from the backend.

Footer was modified and added content to match it for a security site.

The project employer was selling security related products. He needed a shopping cart too. I used 'WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart' plugin and modified the front appearence to match the rest of the security site.

Now the site has a shopping cart and allows paypal checkout of security items.

This time my proposal was not selected. But I will keep trying until I get selected for a project.

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