Mailchimp Templates for baseballman

A few months ago, I was awarded a project related to modifying an existing MailChimp Template. I was able to earn $60USD from that project. I have done several projects on since then.

A few days ago, I had been busy bidding on projects rapidly one after another to find a project. But I was not either fortunate enough or qualified enough to win the bid and get awarded the project.

Mailchimp Template Change Project

Strangely enough, I received an email from baseballman. At this time he seems to need his templates get modified again and further. In his email he was asking whether I would be able and available for him to get his MailChimp templates modified to the next level.


I promptly replied him saying I am ready to start work immediately. We were agreed for a budget of $30USD for this project.

I completed the project successfully. I received the payment as discussed.

The New Payment Method

But at this time, something strange happened. No project postings on No bidding on projects on No awarding of the project on No creation of milestones on What happened at this time is a mere transfer of $30USD from baseballmans account to my account. That was it!


PayPal Support for Sri Lanka

Initially we planned to do the payment via PayPal. But that attempt was failed because PayPal had said him Sri Lankan accounts are only allowed to send funds. Sri Lankan accounts are not allowed to receive funds. Actually there were several campaigns on getting PayPal work in Sri Lanka. I have just forgotten those things whilst agreeing to receive payments via PayPal. First I transfer my funds to Moneybookers(Skrill). Then I transfer funds to my local bank in Sri Lanka (Commercial Bank of Sri Lanka).


I completed another freelance project.

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